Olshansky “ART DE LA JOIE”

Visual Theater Company

Vladmir Olshansky, the internationally acclaimed actor, director and playwrite, who has toured with  Cirque du Soleil's Alegria as a guest clown artist, and worked as a principal in Slava Polunin’s Snow Show in Europe’s biggest theatres. in 2006, Vladimir and his actor and director, brother, Yury, in collaboration with actor Luciano Pastori  created a simple and intimate show composed of various sketches, called Strange Games.

Since then, Strange Games has come a long way -- participating in several international festivals including the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh where the show broke the Fringe record, when many of the audience come back to see it three and even four times in a row. It was selected by the BBC (BBC Choice). The same success accompanied Strange Games  during its performances at  Erlangen International Theatre and Art Festival in Germany, at the Cross-Culture Warsaw Festival in Poland,  Big Break, International Theatre Festival in Moscow; at the Avignon Festival Off, where it was marked by Marseillese as “Unforgettable! Magic!”. The show was later applauded throughout  Italy -- at Theatre Furio Camillo in Rome,  the Theatre Puccini on Florence and Theatre ELF in Milan. 

Over the yeras, all this has led to a great maturation of the proposed material of the show, as usually happens when one creates its own dramaturgy, thanks to the numerous rehearsals, improvisations and performances the show has undergone.

 In 2014,  the brothers Olshansky with Italian actor Carlo Decio created the visual theater company  "Art De La Joiе”.  In 2015 the company had been invited by the La MAMA Umbria International, Spoleto,  Italy,  for a residence to perform at their theater Contiere Oberdan (Spoleto). Following the success at La Mama, Strange Games had its September, 2016 premier at one of the most popular theatres in Rome “Vascello”, and Pacta Dei Teatri Salone ( ex CRT ) Milan, Italy where the show enjoyed the enthusiastic welcome by both audience and critics alike. 

Today, Strange Games exists as a production with collaboration of internationally renowned artists, from Italy, France, USA and Russia.